Hips Don’t Lie

I like to play this game sometimes where while I’m at work (the gym) I watch the way people move. Ever since I took my biomechanics class in my undergrad I like to attempt to identify what types of injuries people may have or where imbalances in their body are. I can usually tell by their stride length or the direction their toes pull when they walk whether or not they have chronic hip tightness. Whenever I’m training a client I can always tell by the way they perform their exercises as well. It’s amazing to me how many people suffer from tight hips.

It makes sense, though. Sedentary lifestyles are the norm these days and sitting for hours every single day with your hips in a hinged position can certainly equal tightness! I’ve gotten into the habit of printing out stretching ideas and sending my clients links for “yoga at the desk” videos and stuff.

Whenever I find a good resource I like to 1) share it because if I love it I’m sure there are other people who would love it! Plus, the authors deserve the credit! and 2) I like to save it in a place where I can easily find it again or refer people to it later :).

So I figured I would go ahead and list a couple of links that I have found useful lately! Please please feel free to share any other links if you have a resource for stretching or hip mobility that would be helpful!

9 Stretches to Help Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain

(I am not a beach body coach – but I loved this article and have printed it for several clients! Pictures are so helpful!)

Yoga With Adriene: Yoga at your Desk

I seriously am obsessed with Yoga with Adriene. She’s amazing, funny, patient, and great at describing exactly what you need to do. Her laid back mentality really helps me enjoy how yoga makes me feel instead of worrying so much about perfect poses. I’ll be writing a post soon about how yoga has changed my life :)

After having some of my clients work on hip stretching and mobility work, their squat depth and strength has gotten better, their running mobility is cleaner and they have less instances of groin “pulls.” Personally – I have a new found appreciation for my muscles now that I’ve learned how to properly take care of them – not just the hips, of course.

So try it out! See how you feel! And please share if you have any other interesting articles I can read! :)

xo Jacquelyn


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